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    2800 sq. ft. commercial building with 1400 sq. ft. retail space & 1400 sq. ft. office space.
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219 McLeod - Big Timber - $195,000

  • Description

    This is your chance to own your own retail building in one of the most beautiful areas of the country Big Timber Montana. This is one of the best retail buildings in the town. The building has three floors. The main level is rented to a variety store that includes gift items, clothing, books and coffee shop, The top floor has five offices with separate entrance from outside. All five of the offices have great rental history.

    Downtown main street of Big Timber, Montana, Excellent location and only half a block away from the famous Grand Hotel. Big Timber is a beautiful town with the Absaroka and Crazy Mountains surrounding the town with the Boulder River running along the outskirts. The property is Broker owned


  • Location

    BIG TIMBER: Located at the confluence of the Yellowstone and Boulder River, Big Timber is the Sweet Grass County seat and services as the support system to the areas cattle ranching community and recreation industry.  Big Timber features a school system which offers K-12, a hospital, clinic, nursing home, Assisted Living, dentist, beauty shops, a quilt shop, golf course, churches, grocery and clothing stores, museums, art galleries, establishments offering fine food from the nationally acclaimed dining at "The Grand Hotel", to casual meals at the Frosty Freez, motels,  bed and breakfasts, movie theater and a paved airport capable of facilitating most any private aircraft. Big Timber has much to offer as a small comfortable Montana town.

  • Taxes

    $1,070 - 2015 Taxes

  • Broker Cooperating Agreement

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    Sonny Todd Real Estate

    301 West First, PO Box 788, Big Timber, Montana 59011

    Telephone: (406) 932-LAND  Fax: (406) 932-4838




    INTENT: To create a harmonious relationship with all Brokers, their sales people and respective clientele, with regards to properties exclusively listed by Sonny Todd Real Estate.

    To ensure our Sellers quality merchandising efforts, showings that are informative, thorough and performed by competent individuals.

    To establish a communication system between Sellers, Buyers and their respective representatives.

    COMMISSIONS: 2.5% to the Cooperating Firm for a sale consummated through equal efforts by Sonny Todd Real Estate and Cooperating Firm.

    For a sale consummated by referral of Clients for a purchase to Sonny Todd Real Estate by a Cooperating Firm, the Cooperating Firm shall receive 25% of the net commission received by Sonny Todd Real Estate.

    MERCHANDISING PACKAGES & BROCHURES: Sonny Todd Real Estate will provide all merchandising material for distribution to Cooperating Firms and their Clients. All materials are to remain in the complete form received. No reprint, photocopying or alterations will be allowed without permission from this office.

    CLIENT PROTECTION: Sonny Todd Real Estate shall make every effort possible to protect your relationship with your Clients, but it will be the Cooperating Firms sole responsibility to promptly register by letter all Clients they have discussed our exclusive listings with. Any Client that contacts Sonny Todd Real Estate that is not registered in writing or accompanied by an agent of a Cooperating Firm will be deemed solely Clients of Sonny Todd Real Estate.

    Should any conflict arise, i.e., Sonny Todd Real Estate already working with Clients or Clients previously registered by another Firm, we will advise immediately.

    SHOWINGS: All showings of properties listed by Sonny Todd Real Estate shall be performed with a representative of Sonny Todd Real Estate present.

    Showings must be scheduled 24 hours prior, so our Sellers and Sonny Todd Real Estate can properly prepare for showing.

    Drive-by showings are not allowed, we expect all Cooperating Firms to have qualified their potential Buyers desires and capabilities, prior to showing.

    COMMUNICATION: Unless prior agreements are made between Sonny Todd Real Estate and Cooperating Firms, we will have all direct communications with Sellers and will leave all direct communication with potential Buyers the responsibility of Cooperating Firms. (With the exception of referral Clients only).

    SOLICITATION OF OUR EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS: We do realize the Real Estate business is a competitive world. Sonny Todd Real Estate is committed to a harmonious relationship with all Brokers and Sales people of high ethical standards. As we have taken the position not to actively solicit other Firms current Exclusive Listings, unless first approached by the Sellers, we would appreciate the same respect in regards to ours.

    BUYERS REPRESENTATIVES OR AGENTS: Prior to requests for information, brochures, showings or entering into contractual negotiations, any commitments to represent a Buyer or Buyers, shall be disclosed to this office.

    When the Buyer representative or Firms are compensated by the Buyer or Buyers, no commission paid by the Seller or Sellers to Sonny Todd Real Estate shall be shared or split.

    CONCLUSION: Our responsibility is to assure both Sellers and Buyers a congenial environment in which they evaluate and select their properties. It is our hopes this will be created by the Agreement.


    LOGAN TODD, Owner

    Sonny Todd Real Estate



    Acknowledged by:___________________________________________   Date: ____________

                    Cooperating Firm Broker



    _____________________________________             __________________________________ 

    Buyers Name                                                                Property



    Buyers Name

  • Disclosures

    Agency Disclosure Statement


    Following is a Montana law required disclosure:  UNDERSTANDING WHOM REAL ESTATE AGENTS REPRESTENT Montana law requires that BUYER’s and SELLER’s be advised about the different types of agency relationships available to them (MCA § 37-51-102 & 37-51-321). A real estate agent is qualified to advise only on real estate matters.  As the client or as the customer, please be advised that you have the option of hiring outside professional services on your own behalf (legal and tax counsel, home or building inspectors, accountant, environmental inspectors, range management or agricultural advisors, etc.) at any time during the course of a transaction to obtain additional information to make an informed decision.  Each and every agent has obligations to each other party to a transaction no matter whom the agent represents.  The various relationships are as follows:  SELLER’s Agent: exclusively represents the SELLER (or landlord).  This agency relationship is created when a listing is signed by a SELLER/owner and a real estate licensee. The SELLER’s Agent represents the SELLER only and works toward securing an offer in the best interest of the SELLER.  The SELLER Agent still has obligations to the BUYER as enumerated herein.  BUYER’s Agent: exclusively represents the BUYER (or tenant).  This agency relationship is created when a BUYER signs a written BUYER-Broker agreement with a real estate licensee.  The BUYER Agent represents the BUYER only, and works towards securing a transaction under the terms and conditions established by the BUYER and the best interest of the BUYER.  The BUYER Agent has obligations to the SELLER as enumerated herein.  Dual Agent: does not represent the interest of either the BUYER or SELLER exclusively.  This agency relationship is created when an agent is the SELLER’s Agent (or subagent) and enters into a BUYER-Broker agreement with the BUYER.  This relationship must receive full informed consent by all parties before a “dual-agency” relationship can exist.  The “dual agent” does not work exclusively for the SELLER or the BUYER but works for both parties in securing a conclusion to the transaction.  If you want an agent to represent you exclusively, do not sign the “Dual Agency Disclosure and Consent” form.  Statutory Broker: is a licensee who assists one or more of the parties in a transaction, but does not represent any party as an agent.  A licensee is presumed to be acting as a “Statutory Broker” unless they have entered into a listing agreement with the SELLER, a BUYER-Broker agreement with the BUYER, or a dual agency agreement with all parties.  In-House SELLER Agent Designate: is a licensee designated by the broker-owner/manager(of the real estate brokerage) to be the exclusive agent for the SELLER for a specific transaction in which the brokerage has the property listed and the BUYER is working directly through the same brokerage also.  This agent may not act on behalf of any other member of the transaction and works for the benefit of the SELLER, but still is obligated to the BUYER as any SELLER’s Agent would be. In-House BUYER Agent Designate: is a licensee designated by the broker-owner/manager (of the real estate brokerage) to be the exclusive agent for the BUYER for a specific transaction in which the brokerage has the property listed and the BUYER is working directly through the same brokerage also.  This agent may not act on behalf of any other member of the transaction and works for the benefit of the BUYER, but still obligated to the SELLER as any BUYER’s agent would be.  Subagent: is an agent of the licensee already acting as an agent for either the SELLER or BUYER.  A “SELLER Agent” can offer “sub-agency” to an agent to act on his behalf to show the property and solicit offers from BUYER’s.  A “BUYER Agent” can offer “sub-agency” to an agent to act on his behalf to locate and secure certain property meeting the BUYER’s criteria.


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